Installation Guide

How to Install

How To Measure Your Garage Door

To measure your garage door with a measuring tape.
Start by measuring the width of the door. Place the end of the measuring tape at one edge of the door and extend it horizontally across to the opposite edge, recording the measurement in millimetres.
Measure the height by placing the tape at the bottom of the door and extending it vertically to the top edge, again noting the measurement.
Record all these measurements accurately to ensure compatibility with the garage door specifications.

Clean The Door Track/Pulley

Take a rag or paper towel, and clean the excess grease buildup from your garage door’s track and pulley.

Installing your garage door cover is easy, eliminating the need for clips or bulky hardware! Each cover is designed for a Perfect fit, so be prepared to stretch, and pull your cover into position.

How to Install?

Electric garage door openers have a feature that allows you to stop the garage door anywhere along the track. To do this, simply press the door button twice at the desired location, and the door should stop.

Begin opening your garage door, but stop when the top of the door just starts to pull away from the door frame. From the front of the door, have an assistant help lift and pass a top corner of the cover behind the top corner of the door.

Unique Pillow Case Style

Warning! Do not wrap the cover around the track! The Pillow case style should only be wrapping around the garage door. Your cover is equipped with four reinforced unique pillow case style at each corner. Carefully wrap the top collars of the cover around the top corners of the garage door.


As you close your garage door for the first time, double-check the cover for any binding issues. With the top pillowcase installed, the easiest way to lay out your cover is to close the garage door and allow the cover to fall and hang loosely.

With assistance, reopen the garage door while gently pulling down on the bottom edge to ensure the cover is not pinched by the seams between each door panel. This will smooth out the cover and facilitate the attachment of the bottom side.

Celebrate With Festive Garage

Remember Our covers are designed to fit tightly so be prepared to really tug and stretch that last pillow side case style around the corner of your garage door!

With the garage open, carefully wrap the bottom of the cover around the bottom corners of the garage door using our unique unique pillow case style.

We hope you enjoy with your Festive Garage Celebration!

Four Side Pillowcase for perfect fitting

Garage door covers with pillowcase on four sides offer a convenient and efficient solution for achieving a perfect fit without the need for tools during installation. These covers are designed to slip over the garage door like a pillowcase, with fabric flaps on all four sides ensuring a snug and secure fit. The top pillowcase design helps in keeping the cover tightly in place, preventing any shifting or sagging. This easy installation method eliminates the hassle of complicated assembly or the use of hardware, making it an ideal option for those looking to enhance their garage door's appearance quickly and effortlessly.

Prepare the Cover

Check for Wrinkles and Adjust: Examine the cover for any wrinkles or loose areas. Smooth out any wrinkles by adjusting the fit and tugging gently on the edges.

Final Inspection: Close and open the garage door a few times to ensure the cover remains in place and does not bind or shift. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit.